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112 - Leadership Unfiltered - Steve Lagomarsino on Building a Future-Proof Business
13th June 2024 • Leaders & Legacies • Craig Andrews
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Steve Lagomarsino, an accomplished entrepreneur who has masterfully turned vision into substantial growth. Steve, president of TRC Electronics and leader of the Business Mastery Leadership Program, shares his strategic journey from securing an engineering degree to leading his father’s local business to national success.

Key to Steve’s success was his early recognition of the internet's potential, pushing beyond skeptical perspectives to harness SEO and digital marketing, exponentially expanding their customer base. His proactive approach and willingness to embrace change propelled the company from a local entity to a significant player in the electronics distribution sector, boasting $50 million in revenue. Steve emphasizes the importance of continuous personal development and empowering employees to innovate and solve problems independently. His leadership philosophy centers on cultivating an environment where mistakes are seen as growth opportunities, fostering a resilient and proactive team.

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