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[What's My Story] TeeJ Mercer
Episode 1322nd July 2021 • What's My Story • Robert Kennedy III
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What's In Store For You

Have you ever been in a really bad situation yet somehow switched it around to become one of the most sought-after people in your industry?

She is phenomenal - like a force of nature. TeeJ Mercer is her name and she's one of Hollywood's most sought-after TV editors. She's worked with ABC, NBC, MTV, OWN, WeTV, Style Network - all of the alphabet soup. She's got it going on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, she's worked with Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart, Samuel. L Jackson, Jesse T. Usher, the Shaft movie. She's got bestsellers as well!

Listen to TeeJ's story of courage and success!

  • [03:12] TeeJ says she's the "world's best hugger". How did the whole COVID situation affect this?
  • [06:15] We walk through TeeJ's story that caused her to leap from a life of sheer torture to success.
  • [09:55] What does the C.R.A.Z.Y. acronym mean and how can it help people look for signs to indicate that somebody is experiencing domestic violence?
  • [14:31] How did TeeJ success-defied her way into denial as a battered wife?
  • [18:56] When did she reach her breaking point and what made her decide to move forward from her situation?
  • [20:16] How did she manage to eventually up and leave?
  • [22:28] Why is it important to operate with more compassion for people who are going through a similar debacle?
  • [24:18] When does an abuser's real personality come out?
  • [25:43] How did TeeJ's career help her after she left the relationship permanently?
  • [29:06] How does TeeJ work with people, uplift them, and transform their lives?


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