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Stop Hating on Supplements! But Do Your Research
Episode 642nd August 2022 • Rebellious Wellness Over 50 • Gregory Anne Cox
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SO many haters!

It concerns me that today, in 2022, there are literally hundreds of articles spouting the worn-out line about supplements being nothing more than expensive urine. Years of research to the contrary also fill a Google search. Science advances, so does our ability to run studies and double-blind, placebo control for efficacy and safety.

In this shortie I talk about what a supplement is. What to look out for. What supps are supportive of health and healthy aging, and where to go for the kind of information on certain brands that will ensure you get a safe product at the best price.

Vitamin D, really a pre-cursor hormone, is a critical piece of our longevity plan. Optimal levels should be on everyone's wish list who wants a strong immune system, healthy hormones, bones, brain.

Always buy D3 and always a gel cap as D is a fat soluble vitamin and needs fats to be absorbed by the body.

Omega 3s and 6s are also important and proven to be so especially for women. Low levels of Omega 3s are related to a greater risk of depression and more severe symptoms than men if they do become depressed.

People and things I mentioned

Dr. Axe for great infographics and more info on Omega 3s and 6s. This independent testing lab provides detailed reports on thousands of mineral, vitamin, and other supplements and beauty products that include whether what's on the label is in the jar, cost per serving, any recalls, and more. This site has been paired down quite a bit but what it does still have is information on dosing of Vitamin D.

Speaking of test don't guess, if you sometimes wonder, (maybe while cutting short a walk because you just don't feel like it...) whether your daily rituals and habits are setting you up for a healthy next few decades and want a second opinion, check out the Power of 5 assessment. It's an easy, affordable way to work with me. You'll walk away with insights and upgrades to what you're currently doing--or not doing--so that you can age in good health and have a good time. There is no deprivation here!