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Empowered Man Top Picks: The 7 Secrets of Empowered Men
Episode 9619th July 2022 • Empowered AF • Mark Santiago
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There is all this talk of EMPOWERING yourself, but what does it actually mean to make that change? We all live in the same SHAME and INSECURITY but too many men fall into the habit of scapegoating and absorbing information as a distraction from their problems. If you want to become an EMPOWERED man, you need to hear the simple (but not easy!) steps to get there. Over the next few weeks on the podcast, you’ll hear some of Mark’s FAVORITE episodes of all time to help you.

In this week’s episode, Mark revisits the 7 ways that the empowered man RISES from the crowd of boys and learns how to start taking ACTION in a sea of information. Hear the differences between living life as an EMPOWERED and a DISEMPOWERED man, and the ONE thing you need to focus on every day to push through the struggles and RISE from the ashes.

“The best time to invest in yourself was yesterday, the next best time to invest in yourself is today.”

                                                                 - Mark Santiago            

In This Episode:

- Find out what a disempowered man focuses on and how it’s different to what an EMPOWERED man focuses on…

- Learn the differences between empowered and disempowered men

- THIS is where true freedom comes from…

- If you want to be empowered, you have to invest in your future today. Here’s why…

- As men, we want to feel STRONG and POWERFUL. Here’s how to get there…

- Learn how to apply these principles to YOUR life so you can focus on getting to the next stage in your life

- Empowered men play to WIN. Here’s what that means…

 And much more…


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