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Successful, Intuitive and Sensitive Entrepreneurs - Lydia Sophia Wilmsen EPISODE 83, 26th January 2021
How to deal with feeling so much as a highly sensitive entrepreneur
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How to deal with feeling so much as a highly sensitive entrepreneur

I today's episode I speak about the emotional overwhelm highly sensitive people can experience. To that can come the feeling of being flooded with the emotions of other people.

Heightened sensory awareness it something many of my clients struggle with. In this episode I give six points to take into account in order to make live easier and more joyful as a person who feels everything so strongly 🙂

In order to discuss this topic a bit further I decided to host a Clubhouse room on Thursday, 28th January at 4:30pm CET

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Make sure to join my live and bring your questions and experiences! You can use this link to invite other highly sensitive and empath entrepreneurs!

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Enjoy the episode and much love!