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#220 – Healthy Financial Habits in 2024 | Part 1
Episode 22019th January 2024 • Money Boss Parent • Anna Sergunina
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In my latest episode, here at Mainstreet we're delving into the essentials of healthy financial habits for 2024.

We're exploring how setting SMART goals and making small, impactful changes can pave the way to financial success. Whether you are aiming to refine your financial goals or are just starting out on your financial journey, this discussion is packed with actionable insights and practical advice.

Tune in to discover how these key strategies can transform your financial health and set you up for a prosperous 2024 and let's start making meaningful changes today!

Anna's Takeaways:

  • Breaking Down Financial Goals Into Manageable Steps (06:05)
  • Changing Habits And Making Progress Towards Financial Goals (10:23)
  • Financial Habits And Mindset Changes (15:42)
  • Values And Goals With Financial Planning Insights (21:35)
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