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Self Care & Person Centered Leadership w/ Michele Thomson -36
Episode 3621st February 2023 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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Michele Thomson loved nursing and didn't see herself moving into roles beyond that, but as challenges presented themselves, she stepped up. She discovered ways to address what was happening in her workplaces and found needs within her field that weren't been addressed. Self care was once a buzz word that she herself felt there wasn't time for, and even now will tell you it surprises her some of the things she has made space for as self care, that she never would have made room for a few years back. It was a process to realize that self care doesn't have to be about pampering yourself with pedicures and days at the spa; it is something you can fit in even with all of life's busyness, and it is very individualized. She now finds herself teaching these valuable skills to others. She also touches on some approaches to use at work when your team is feeling the stress and pressure and might feel like they can't give anymore. There are some great gems in this episode. 

Michele Thomson is an RN-turned-leadership development coach and consultant who helps professionals find joy in their work again while creating healthy workplaces. She is the CEO of Curis Consulting and has 25 years of experience in the healthcare sector.

Episode Timeline: 

00:01:31 - Getting to know Michele Thomson

00:02:19 - Nursing as the start of her journey

00:05:25 - An unforgettable experience

00:07:30 - Leadership is an inside job

00:11:30 - One way to build trust with people is to admit you don't know the answers

00:13:50 - Self-care is possible for everybody

00:17:22 - Explore self-care and integrating it into your daily routine

00:24:12 - Ways to know your central nervous system is settled

00:28:15 - Creating a safe space where people can be more open

00:34:08 - Importance of giving yourself  credit

00:35:15 - Self-Care Spotlight

00:40:00 - Grit Wit - What to apply 

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