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154. Kelly Mendenhall - Turning a Mess into a Message
Episode 15427th January 2020 • University of Adversity • Lance W Essihos
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Going from a person who lived with daily pain to being disabled, today’s guest has taken her adversity and pain as the fuel to her entrepreneurial fire. Joining us, we have author and entrepreneur, Kelly Mendenhall. Kelly believes that her disability does not define her character. Kelly explores with Lance the philosophy that everything happened for a reason, and shares her gratitude for the things she’s been able to accomplish while disabled. Tune in to Kelly’s remarkable story and hear how turning “can’t” into “won’t” has a bigger effect than you may think.

🥇WHAT IS ONE LESSON YOU HAVE LEARNED FROM ADVERSITY🥇Kelly answers with, “Life happens for us not to us.”


  • [00:02:43] Kelly’s Backstory 
  • [00:06:56] Her Medical Condition
  • [00:13:36] Kelly’s Checkered Past
  • [00:27:26] How Kelly Keeps Her Positive Outlook
  • [00:37:58] The Meaning Behind Nerdzilla

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