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Day 11 - January 11, 2020 - Be Persistent
Episode 1111th January 2020 • Your Personal Hype Man with Aimee J. • Aimee J.
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Day: 011

Date: Saturday, Jan. 11, 2020

Note from Aimee J.Don’t Stop!! And if you stopped, try again. You can do this.

Topic: Be Persistent

Action: No time to stop now. Keep pushing and making strides towards the projects, goals, work you are doing. When the going gets tough that’s when we need to dig even deeper to keep chasing. Tough can be anything from being tired to facing a challenge or an obstacle. Don’t stop now. Be persistent!


You are Awesome.
You are Loved.
You are Needed. And most importantly,

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Hey fam, it's your girl, Aimee J., Your personal hype man and friend here today to check on how you're doing. What's going on? It's Saturday, January 11, 2020 another day. Another day, officially double digits, right? Cause we got past the 10th, announced the 11th double digits of the January double digits of the year, double digits of the decade. Um, how's that whole new year? New me thing and going right. How's that? I'm not, I'm not a big fan of the new year. New me. Cause there's nothing wrong with who you were. There's nothing wrong with who you were. You don't have to be a new me. Right? Just keep on working with who you are. That's the whole point of this podcast. That's the whole point of me being your friend and your hype man is remind you there is nothing wrong with who you are. So I'm not a big fan of the whole new year, new me. Let's just talk about you take out the new me. How are you doing? How are the things you wanted to get accomplished this year coming along. So there's two ways to look at Saturday and Sunday. I'm not talking to those of you who are already working on a day jobs or night jobs or whatever the case you guys are busy as is. But for those of you who work through the week work week, the typical work week, and usually have a Saturday and Sunday off, there are two ways to look at the weekend. The weekend could be a, your time to relax, well deserved, earned. You got it. You, you own that. Or it's a chance for you to catch up on the things you need to get done. It's time for you to, it's extra time to get work done on your dreams, right? So here's where typically happens. It's 21 days to make a habit, research shows, and around this halfway point, people start sliding. We start sliding. So I want to check in, I want to check in, think of it as Saturday support on Saturday support. We're checking in how, how's it going? Right? You guys wrote down, hopefully your goals for the year and hopefully they weren't just, uh, goals that you tend to write every year and then, you know, forget about or, or lose or just kind of falls by the wayside. But hopefully they were goals that were more of an emotional kinds, like instead of lose weight, get healthy, right? What's the reason behind the goal you choose? So let's look, let's reevaluate what you've written down. Look at what you've done so far, and if you've stopped, if you've faltered, if you've skidded or slid off and you've kind of missed something, now is the time to regroup. It's never too late.

It's never too late. So get back on the horse, get back in the car, keep driving, keep going. Keep pushing. Be persistent, right? Being persistent is to keep on pushing even that extra mile. And right now because you're tired because you're feeling like skidding or stopping or, or giving up, that's when it's most important to be persistent. And you can do it. You absolutely can do it. I have no doubt. I have no doubt. And if you have doubts yourself, come see me, reach out to me. Let's talk about that because you can do it. Every single one of my listeners, every single one of you who support me, I support you and I'm telling you, I know you can do it. I got, I got a thing for this. You could ask my friends. I got a thing for this. You can do it, but here's the thing, because I'm your personal hype man.

I'm always going to believe in you, but I can't believe for you. You guys have to believe. You have to dig down deep. I can't do that work for you. You guys have to be the ones to dig deep and do the work and this is your chance. Get back on that horse. Keep going. Whatever it is. If your goal is to be healthy, not lose weight, be healthy, let's get it straight. Then you know, go for a five minute walk. If you, for whatever reason you can't walk, go for a swim, go for a bike ride, right? Do some sit-ups, do some pushups, find a trainer, go see your doctor. There are steps to be taken. You don't have to just quit because you hit a wall. If you hit a wall, you get back, you're in, you're down on the ground. It's time to get back up and see what you can do.

Show the world, show yourself, show everybody what you can do. Because once you let yourself loose, amazing things are going to happen. No doubt, no doubt. So guys, I want you to be persistent. Keep at whatever your goals are, right? I'm not concerned with, I want you to reach your goals. Don't, let's not get it twisted. I want you to reach your goals. But the most important part of setting goals is the journey. And it's the journey and commitment you put in and the work you do by being persistent, that's going to get you there, right? So when you're tired and you're, you're exhausted, you know, I just can't. I can't do it. You come home at the end of the day, your tired, exhausted. You can't do it. I need you to do it. Dig down deep here, my voice cheering you on because you can do it.

You can do it. By the time you get through it, you're going to look back like, man, you're going to be proud of yourself. Absolutely. You're going to be proud of yourself. So dig deep and keep going. All right? Don't stop. You've got to keep chasing whatever it is. So that's what I mean by being persistent. So today, whether you are relaxing and you've earned it and you want to do that, that's fine. But if you can take the chance to keep working on something for yourself. Now let's be clear. There's a time and place for rest. We all need it, especially those who are chasing dreams. We need to recover. We need to recuperate. That's how we operate best. But if you can afford a half hour, an hour to chase your dreams, do one little thing towards it. Do that. Be persistent. All right? And as always, guys remember, you are awesome. You are loved, you are needed. And most importantly, I can never stress this enough. You are enough as you are. Period. Okay? So until next time, tomorrow when we check in again, don't...remember, Don't stop. Keep chasing.