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FHR #002 - Freedom Principle 1 of 5: Financial Wealth
Episode 28th May 2020 • Freedom Hack Radio • Bryce Robertson
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  • Why it’s important to work on building wealth for you and your loved ones.
  • Different methods of making money in the US.
  • Key niches to investigate in business ownership and real estate.
  • Things to be aware of when searching for a financial advisor.


  • Disclaimer - Bryce is not a lawyer or a financial advisor. The following episode is not advice, it’s for educational purposes only.
  • Wealth is 1 of 5 core principles, if you grow financial wealth then this will also help in the other core areas. 
  • Which of these 5 principles is the most important to you is up to you and will probably change through life.
  • Myths to bust;
  • You need to have money to make money
  • You need experience to make money
  • You need good credit to make money
  • When Bryce started he had no assets and negative net worth + unseasoned credit + no experience in real estate but he bought a mobile home park with these circumstances.
  • Some might argue that building wealth is against theology but Bryce argues that the love of money is the root of all evil; it’s all about the person who has the money as it will amplify who you are.
  • Your priorities are wrong if money is the be all and end all; it shouldn't be everything.
  • On the path to financial freedom the end result isn’t the goal, it’s about the person you become during that self development.
  • By building wealth you’re also able to spend more time with family and people you care about
  • The goal is to work towards financial freedom by getting passive investments to pay for your living expenses.
  • Once financially free you can leave your day job but many people want to keep working for enjoyment.
  • There are three main ways to make money;
  • Stock market and/or crypto currency
  • Business ownership. The key here is to stick to the business plan and put in productive effort for at least 12 months and test your market first.
  • Real estate. The key here is to find your niche, for example there’s a massive need for affordable housing in the US, especially mobile home parks.
  • Senior living is also a big niche in the US as it’s growing with baby boomers over the next 10 years. Also millennial housing is another niche worth looking into.
  • Bryce recommends the series on Youtube - Secrets of Money by Mike Maloney 
  • Mike Maloney is a gold and silver investor who covers a 10 episode series taking you through complex topics and making them interesting.
  • Bryce has an Ultimate Goal Template, just email him for a copy - free! 


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