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Calpa Nàdarra – Gaelic, culture and crofting
Episode 731st October 2023 • Natural Capital • Farm Advisory Service
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In this episode of Natural Capital Ross Mackenzie and Janette Sutherland visit Sam Thorburn’s croft on the Isle of Skye. They discuss the natural capital on the islands, Gaelic culture, biodiversity, and crofting life. Gaelic language provides a unique insight and understanding of Scotland’s nature, helping us to understand it better. Central to all Natural Capital is people; our heritage, language, and communities are all important considerations. They provide valuable lessons and traditional ways of doing things, helping to develop successful natural capital projects and effective policy.   

Guest hosts Ross Mackenzie and Janette Sutherland. 

Host Rachel Smillie, producer Iain Boyd, executive producer Kerry Hammond, editor Ross Mackenzie. 

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