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The Significance of Regenerative Agriculture - A Path For Healing People & Climate
Episode 1612th September 2022 • We Are Carbon • Helen Fisher
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I'm hugely excited to share this special compilation episode, where the voices of many of our guests have been brought together to add clarity to their shared themes.

Within the timestamps below you can identify each of the guests and find links to their individual interviews.


As mentioned within this episode I'm currently running a co-learning network event.

We're focused on exploring steps to move us towards a regenerative economy

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In this episode we're looking at the marvel of nature, and not so much the beauty of a remote view or exotic creature, but the extraordinary system of creation that is born from the symbiosis of many parts working together.

In particular we're discovering the role of nature within the health of the planet and balance of the climate, before considering how significantly human impact - through our methods of farming the land, has been destroying these very systems that we depend upon.

It's a story that cycles back round. For as concerning and detrimental as things have become, there is huge hope brought though with the ever blossoming areas of regenerative agriculture.

We gain understanding from many locations and situations across the globe and I hope that bringing things together in this way will offer a greater clarity that we do have the means to turn things around.

If we jump into efforts that shift our human systems to work in harmony with the systems of nature, then the potential is to solve many problems side by side. And fairly quickly.

Use the time stamps below to get a sense of how the episode is broken down & which guest you're listening to:

00:00:00 - Introduction - Helen Fisher

00:02:20 - [Section 1 - The Beautiful Balance of Natural Systems] Caroline Grindrod (Episode 1: Understanding Regenerative Agriculture)

00:05:18 - Colin Andrews (Episode 14: Simple Tech, Major Impact)

00:06:11 - Dr Christo Miliotis (Episode 5: Soil, Living Support for Plants & Climate)

00:07:12 - Finian Makepeace (Episode 2: We Can Regenerate)

00:11:43 - [Section 2 - The Detriment of Human Impact through Industrial Agriculture] Caroline Grindrod

00:15:12 - Colin Andrews

00:17:36 - Dr Christo Miliotis

00:22:42 - Colin Andrews

00:23:06 - Peter Lundgard (Episode 10: How to Farm Regeneratively)

00:24:23 - Finian Makepeace

00:26:53 - Jackson Buzingo (Episode 4: Fighting Poverty with Regenerative Agriculture)

00:29:16 - [Section 3 - The Impact on Human Health] Bernadette Millard (Episode 12: Desert Borderland to Oasis!)

00:29:56 - Dr Christo Miliotis

00:30:21 - Colin Andrews

00:31:20 - Caroline Grindrod

00:33:00 - Dr Christo Miliotis

00:34:07 - Michelle Gilman (Episode 13: Food Systems for Healthy People & Planet)

00:36:10 - Colin Andrews

00:36:36 - Dr Christo Miliotis

00:36:55 - Adrian Ferrero (Episode 11: Data for Transition, Decoding Soil Biology!)

00:39:30 - [Section 4 - Transition & Healing from Regenerative Agriculture] Finian Makepeace

00:41:37 - Dr Christo Miliotis

00:44:15 - Caroline Grindrod

00:46:33 - Peter Lundgard

00:49:12 - Bernadette Millard

00:54:49 - Adrian Ferrero

00:59:34 - Jackson Buzingo

01:02:00 - Colin Andrews

01:05:15 - Michelle Gilman

01:06:52 - Peter Lundgard

01:08:28 - Finian Makepeace

01:08:43 - Outro - Helen Fisher

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