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Federal Court Jestering: The Hunter Biden Game Show - Plea Deal or No Deal? (part 2)
Episode 2517th August 2023 • Truthspresso • truthspresso
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Chelsea and I look at events surrounding, during, and after the Hunter Biden plea deal hearing in the U.S. District Federal case United States v. Biden.

Wednesday, July 26, Hunter Biden was scheduled to plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges of tax evasion and a federal charge of illegal firearm possession. Critics called this a "sweetheart" plea deal. The hearing didn't go the way most of the world expected.

This episode is part 2 of covering this plea deal and the hearing. In this episode we look at the shockingly childish shenanigans Hunter Biden's legal team tried to pull the day before the plea deal hearing. We then walk through the plea hearing itself and how the plea deal fell apart. Because the plea deal depends on Hunter Biden having been sober since 2019, we also briefly look at the "cocainegate" scandal and wonder why how this event was handled seems to scream that it was a coverup.

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Scriptures Referenced:

Matthew 10:26-27

John 8:32

Malachi 2:9

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