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Change The Channel - Joy Kingsborough EPISODE 1, 1st November 2020
Leader of the Free World
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Leader of the Free World

Are you ready to change the channel?

Introduction of this podcast on channeling Jonah and this first episode on reclaiming your personal power. Also each week Joy and Jonah will be answering a listener question in the final segment.

  • 01:20 - US election and different versions of reality
  • 03:30 - What is the free world?
  • 07:30 - The true leader of your freedom
  • 09:00 - The echo chambers that currently exist
  • 12:20 - The 2 parts of you
  • 18:00 - Time for consciousness to lead
  • 19:25 - Q&A with Jonah - The question is about repeated cycles related to continuously choosing toxic houses.

Would you like to ask a question? Email Joy@joykingsborough.com and put 'Question for Jonah' in the subject line.