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My Bible Study - Pastor Robert Thibodeau EPISODE 56, 4th June 2020
My Bible Study Genesis Chapter 13 pt 1
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My Bible Study Genesis Chapter 13 pt 1

We had not been told in chapter 12 that Lot had accompanied his Uncle to Egypt. We presumed he had, but now we are told that he had. Lot was an adult man of some years by this time, but he was following Abram’s lead.

His great wealth, as you remember from the last episode, was in part the result of Pharaoh’s gifts. Gifts that were prompted by the lie that Abram had told. The Lord does not treat us as we deserve!

“Journeyed on” suggests that he moved his large caravan in stages, from one watering hole to the next. He eventually returned to Bethel where he had started, signaling that he had returned to the life of faith in which he had begun his sojourn in Canaan.

e are being told in this way that Abram’s faith in the Lord is still intact despite his fall in Egypt. Faith can co-exist with real sin, even great sin.

Many times, when we fail, we need to return to our roots. Kind of like, hitting the RESET button in our life and in our Faith. This is what I see here with Abraham. He returned to Bethel to demonstrate to God that he was still going to live in Faith to God.

Lot had also prospered; he had become a rich man in his own right, not least because he was sharing in the blessing that the Lord had bestowed on Abram.

As they came out of Ur with Terah, Abram and Lot seemed inseparable, even when God had commanded Abram to leave his relatives behind.

But finally, the ties between the two were weakening. Essentially their separation was caused by three factors which are recorded in verses 5-7 of Chapter 13…