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Selling the Value of Fixing Our Workplaces - Laurie Ruettiman, Enterpeneur, Author, Keynote Speaker
Episode 8116th November 2022 • Stories of Selling Human • Alex Smith
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Laurie Ruettimann has been telling work-life stories and building groundbreaking solutions to drive better employment experiences, increase retention rates, and improve job satisfaction for more than 20 years. Through her storytelling, she casts a spotlight on innovators who are advocating for driving better employment experiences that benefit everyone — individuals, managers, employers, and organizations. Her career began in 1995 as an HR assistant for Leaf Candy Company and since then, she has worked at Monsanto, Alberto-Culver, Kemper Insurance, and Pfizer. Laurie became a writer, speaker, and podcaster as a result of the heartbreak and outrage she's experienced throughout her corporate career. Laurie says, while I love calling out boorish behavior, I am dedicated to the revolutionary and long-overdue mission of fixing work by telling stories and teaching leaders how to create workplace cultures that support, empower, and engage workers meaningfully.

In this episode, we talk about how you lean on your humanness in any workplace sales scenario, how to connect to executives to create change, and how you can even sell an idea to redeem an employee when everyone in the org says that person should be fired. Laurie has seen some things in the workplace and created change even when she had strong forces pushing against her.

Key Moments:

09:38 - The heart of sales is finding a problem and help solve it

20:35 - Coaching and consulting is a framework of asking the right questions

31:00 - You are more than the work you do. Not taking criticism personally.

36:04 - The right approach to gain influence

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