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3 Tips for overcoming pornography on Business Trips
Episode 7331st January 2021 • Thrive Beyond Pornography (Formerly The Self Mastery Podcast) • Zach Spafford
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   Travel and pornography use

Lots of you guys travel. 

This is a huge issue for pornography users.  

It is a great opportunity to start learning what is going on for you. 

Loneliness is probably the biggest issue I dealt with when I traveled for work.  Boredom is another feeling travelers often try to avoid. 

Whatever negative feelings you are seeking to avoid through buffering, I want to give you 3 things that you can do to make your trip successful and pornography free. 

1.     Plan ahead

a.     Know your down time 

b.     Create a schedule

c.     Create a back up plan for down time 

d.     Plan for exercise

e.     Plan for positive eating

f.      Plan wholesome entertainment



2.     Increase self awareness

a.     Create intimacy – reach out to friends, family and your spouse

b.     Don’t expect them to fill the void of bad feelings

c.     Be willing to feel bad

d.     Notice your feelings

e.     Notice the thoughts that create them

f.      Be willing to ask questions of those thoughts 


3.     Learn from your actions

a.     In our membership we Use something called learn something and move forward in 

b.     Look back at the last time you went out of town.  

c.     When did it hit you last time? and 

d.     what could you do differently?

e.     What is the story that you tell yourself about when you go out of town?

                                               i.     Is it that this is a time to escape and let loose?

                                             ii.     Is it that you always fail?

                                            iii.     Is it that you never win these battles?

                                            iv.     Is it that you are going to have to fight and be strong and struggle?


f.      Decide on a different story

g.     Allow missteps to be opportunities to learn

h.     As we get older we think we should know better

i.      If we haven’t learned it yet, then we need to learn it, not beat ourselves up for not knowing it yet.