Real Estate with Intention and Community with Alex Salazar
Episode 15213th June 2022 • Minority Money • Emlen Miles-Mattingly
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Buying a home is one of the most stressful choices that we can go through. Many of us usually ask if it’s a good or bad time to buy, and these questions can put us off from taking that first step. But here’s the thing: When it comes to building generational wealth, we cannot underestimate the power of owning property.

To continue our celebration of Pride Month 2022, I am very happy to be joined by my good friend Alex Salazar of The Salazar Group. With over 18 years of experience as a real estate agent, he shares his knowledge and insights to help you answer the all-important question: Are you ready to buy your own property? In addition, Alex shares his personal stories that emphasize why intentionality and the spirit of community can foster growth in our relationships and wealth-building journey.

So make sure to join us as Alex shows us the ins and outs of property ownership and its many benefits beyond just financial wealth!


>> Planning for Alex’ marriage and his business

>> The current state of the real estate market

>> How Alex helps people make that first step to buying a home

>> The principle of community

>> What growth and education mean for Alex 

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