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How To Regulate Your Children’s Emotions By Regulating Yours
Episode 12816th February 2023 • The Modern Mommy Doc Podcast • Whitney Casares, MD, MPH, FAAP
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Dr. Whitney chats with Seed and Sew CEO, Alyssa Blask Campbell, about how as parents, we can’t react logically and appropriately to our children or at work when we’re already dysregulated. They chat through how to regulate your own emotions, so that you can help your child regulate theirs. 

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✸ CARING FOR YOUR NEEDS: Starting with your needs so you can feel your best - ensuring the foundation is solid

✸ DEVELOPMENT: Understanding what’s really happening inside

✸ ATTENDING TO THE BASICS: The items we all need - sleep, nutrition, and physical activity 

✸ TEMPERAMENT AND TRIGGERS: Getting down to the specifics for your individual child 

✸ MINDFULNESS: Changing immediate reactions of high emotion to calm consideration

✸ PARENTING STYLES: Identifying your personal style 

✸ CONNECTION: Building a nurturing environment where you problem-solve collaboratively 

✸ RESILIENCE: Seven tips to make us all stronger, no matter our age 

✸ MINDSET: Using internal and external tools to diffuse your feelings of being overwhelmed and frustrated 

✸ SUCCESSFUL SYSTEMS: Create an immediate parenting philosophy that your child successfully responds to and learns from


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