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Recovering from Burnout with Trevor Willcocks
Episode 231st July 2023 • The Leadership Tales Podcast with Colin Hunter • Colin Hunter
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Burnout at work can lead to negative effects on our mental health that reverberate out into other areas of our life. How do we overcome burnout, build resilience, and get ourselves back on track?

In this episode of the Leadership Tales podcast, Trevor Willcocks (Associate Director Of Technology at Accenture UK) shares the story of how he reached a breaking point in his career and the steps he took to prioritize his mental health. Colin and Trevor discuss the importance of recognizing burnout and taking time off and recharge, and explores how leaders can maintain their energy levels and proactively address their mental health needs. 

If you've ever felt overwhelmed or struggled to cope, this episode is for you. It's a reminder that we're not alone in our challenges and that taking time for ourselves is essential. Let's break the stigma around mental health in the workplace and create a culture that values well-being. Share with your colleagues and start the conversation! 

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