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Konstantin Shirokov on Lending and Borrowing on Your Terms with Fringe Finance
Episode 29224th June 2022 • Crypto Current • Richard Carthon
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Company: Fringe Finance

Position: Marketing Director

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A business developer with a background in working with DeFi, mobile development, financial and credit brokering, stablecoin lending, etc. 

A marketing expert with experience in solving multiple business challenges by implementing integrated end-to-end business solutions, setting up multiple solutions from the existing codebase, and building up the entire marketing strategy.

Commentary topics:

  • IT, Internet, Telecom; 
  • Cryptocurrency;
  • Defi;
  • NFT;
  • Lending markets;
  • Business Development;
  • Marketing;
  • Management;


Since 2013 and during the next 4 years, Konstantin has been the Head of Marketing Department at the Real estate agency of Moscow-Paris bank. Those days he has launched two new large spheres of activity — legal direction and loans secured by real estate. Konstantin has establish the company’s long-term relationships with agencies and venues, which has reduced the advertising budget by 15%.

In April 2017, Konstantin founded and led the StartUp project Podskazochnik — the new channel of advertising through suggestions of the Search Engines. For the year after that, Konstantin has been leading a marketing department at By 2019, he established DataLight as a worldwide known brand «analytical company». 

Since December 2019, Konstantin has boosted the product development processes at DSX Global as the company’s CMO. In addition to building efficient and transparent working processes, he has conducted a solid market analysis and identified how product and design changes have influenced customers' behavior. thanks to him, DSX Global has partnered with the UK-based cryptocurrency exchange and Bloomberg Terminal. He has also boosted the product development processes by implementing a series of changes based on the customer's feedback. Konstantin has helped the company to become registered by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK.

Starting in September 2020, Konstantin has been working closely with DeFi technologies. As a CMO at Bitrix, he has been leading the development and implementation of the marketing strategy for the DeFi wallet mobile app. Konstantin has started from scratch and onboarded the first 10K users with a focus on CIS geo. Later on, he became a Marketing Advisor at DigiShares, helping the company to implement a performance marketing strategy. 

Currently, Konstatin simultaneously fulfills the roles of ​​Evangelist & Business Developer at Crypto Combat and Marketing Director at Fringe Finance. Being an official representative of Crypto Combat, he is responsible for the different kinds of communications activities, including participation in conferences, interviews, and communication with partners and investors. He is also developing and implementing the marketing strategy of the DeFi Lending\Borrowing platform Fringe Finance. His responsibilities include leading the team of 3 & contractors, the introduction of the new content strategy, the organization of rebranding, and the Introduction of the new partnership communication approach.


2018 — Management, Bachelor, Plekhanov Russian Economic University

2010 — Plekhanov Russian Economic University, Marketing, Master

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