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107 - When Crisis Brings Clarity - Hard Lessons in Leadership with Sugey Piedra
28th May 2024 • Leaders & Legacies • Craig Andrews
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Sugey Piedra delves into the challenges and triumphs of leadership within the realm of business and personal development. Sugey, co-founder of a wealth management firm, shares her profound journey from tax preparer to visionary entrepreneur. She emphasizes the often-overlooked human element in financial management, advocating for a more personal approach to client relationships and financial planning.

Sugey’s story is a testament to resilience, highlighting how personal setbacks, including a difficult divorce and the subsequent loss of her ex-husband, reshaped her approach to business and life. She discusses the importance of delegation, revealing how stepping back allowed her team to thrive and her business to flourish without her constant oversight. This shift not only led to improved operations but also enhanced her own well-being and the quality of her interactions with her children and clients.

Listeners will gain valuable insights on balancing professional rigor with personal health, understanding the strategic benefits of tax planning, and harnessing the power of effective communication within their teams.

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