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Adapt or Fade: Corey Dylan's 7 Takes on Radio Resilience
Episode 19313th December 2023 • Brandwidth On Demand • David Martin & Kipper McGee
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Corey Dylan, the morning host of 100.7 Big FM in San Diego, Corey discusses her passion for radio, her career journey, and the importance of embracing new technologies like AI in the industry.

She emphasizes the need to adapt to changes, learn about AI, and use it to enhance rather than replace human creativity. Corey also shares advice she received from George Clooney and Bryan Cranston about approaching auditions with confidence and viewing them as an opportunity to solve the employer's problems.

Overall, the conversation highlights Corey's commitment to community engagement, personal branding, and staying relevant in the evolving media landscape.

Her insights offer valuable lessons for aspiring radio professionals, emphasizing authenticity, community engagement, and adaptability as key pillars in radio success.

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