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Turn On Your Pleasure -- Interview with Leigh Senna
Episode 3014th September 2021 • Divine Feminine CEO • The Uncorporette
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How many times a day do you genuinely feel pleasure?

In this week's episode, we interview the lovely Leigh Senna: a Tantric Sex Educator, Divine Feminine Priestess, and founder of the Primal Wisdom School. With her seasoned experience in training hundreds of women a year in Sex, Love and Relationship Coaching, we delve into...

  • How she guides women to find their own pleasure and make that a priority in their lives.
  • The connection between embodiment and power.
  • Why we "court" pleasure.
  • Getting away from media-generated depictions of body perfection.
  • Why self-pleasure promotes better sex.
  • Pleasure as a practice rather than pleasure as perfection

Join us to discover the #1 “power practice” you can’t live without!

You can find Leigh and her beautiful work at