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Ep. 015: The Thing About HLA - Björn Möller
Episode 15Bonus Episode7th April 2023 • Warfighter Podcast • Warfighter Digital
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Continuing our Education series we are very pleased to Welcome Björn Möller who, whilst serving as the President of Pitch Technologies, is also one of the leading authorities in distributed simulation standards. Bjorn has been deeply involved in shaping the HLA simulation standard for the past 30 years.

Bjorn expertly breaks down what can be a complex subject into easily understandable concepts, during this fireside chat. From his lake cabin in Sweden. We hope you’re sitting comfortably.

We cover some of the history behind the development of the HLA standard, and what it sets out to do along with some key terminology. Bjorn then goes on to describe some of the key features for the standard, above what legacy standards such as DIS can achieve. He also covers the use of FOMs across a number of use cases, from pilot training to C2 applications and space.

To end we cover the future developments planned for HLA, which is an ever evolving standard that aims to support ambitious projects across the training and simulation spectrum.

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