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McKeown Q&A #2: BOLT Score Explained, The Best Time of Day for Breathwork, Regulating Muscle Tension and Much More w/ Patrick McKeown
5th November 2021 • Hanu HRV • HanuHRV (owned by Hanu Health, Inc)
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Jay Wiles and Patrick McKeown give a detailed explanation of the BOLT score, explain how to clear an obstructed airway in 5 minutes, expound on the virtues of mouth-taping, AND take listener questions in today's epic Q&A episode!

Here's what you'll hear in the show:

-How to take care of an obstructed airway in 5 minutes or less...02:04

-Mouth taping and the effects of congestion on sleep...06:53

-What is the BOLT score, and how to improve it...15:02

-Sleep apnea and HRV metrics affected with breath holds...49:58

-Breathing strategies to alleviate muscular tension...58:34

-The best time of day to do breath work, and what's the optimal amount of time to do it...1:11:09

Resources mentioned:

-Myotape created by Patrick



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