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15. You have proof you are a success!
Episode 1521st December 2020 • Clearly Kathryn, Business Intuition Strategies For Leaders • Kathryn Mahoney
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A Proof Board is great for you and your company no matter how many employees you have, to focus on the acccomplishments of the past and the success within you and your team.  It's the best motivator I know of for when you have hit a wall or massive transition. 

From the tips I this episode you will create the proof you need to that no matter how stuck you feel you are a success no matter what!  

I will hand you a flashlight as you find your way out the darkness and explore all the amazing things you can't see clearly when you are in the darkness. 

Until next time, keep it simple, be at ease with yourself, trust your intuition with light the way.

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