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287 | "Boundaries, Balance, and Business Growth" with Kelley Tenny from Teach Your Brilliance
Episode 28714th December 2023 • Failing to Success • Chad Kaleky
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✅ Overcoming Health Crisis: Kelley Tenny shares how a personal health scare reshaped her outlook on life and her approach to business.

✅ Life and Business Realignment: Facing breast cancer led to a deep reflection on work habits and life choices, prompting a fundamental shift.

✅ Setting Boundaries for Success: Kelley discusses the pivotal change of learning to say no, shedding burdens, and the positive impact on her business.

Episode Summary:

Kelley Tenny, CEO of Teach Your Brilliance, shares her transformative journey after a health scare. Diagnosed with breast cancer, she reevaluated her life, recognizing the impact of work habits on her well-being. Embracing boundaries and focusing on core values led to unexpected business growth during chemotherapy. Kelley's company, Teach Your Brilliance, empowers individuals to create impactful online courses by structuring content educationally and encouraging the sharing of life experiences.


00:00 Intro

00:07 Kelley's Personal Health Scare and Its Impact

01:45 Reevaluating Life and Business After Diagnosis

03:16 Changes Made in Life and Business

04:25 Positive Impact on Business After Changes

06:04 Core Service Offering of Teach Your Brilliance

07:34 Evolution of Teach Your Brilliance

08:17 How to Connect with Kelley and Teach Your Brilliance

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