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This Habit Will Keep Your Sex Life Exciting
Episode 724th November 2022 • Habits for Your Happily Ever After • Rebecca Mullen
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In a long relationship, How do you keep WANTING each other?

In this episode you’ll discover a way to keep your sex life thriving

  • You’ll hear a story about a romance that was dead and was resuscitated
  • You’ll get an adventurous habit
  • And I’ll give you a date night discussion topic so you and your lover can explore ways to tend the fire between you.

You’ll hear a story about dance class and why getting the steps perfect may be killing your romantic life.

You’ll also hear about a wild ride on The Colorado River and how a misunderstanding almost killed any chance for sex on our vacation.

How many times has your relationship or sex life been ruined by a misunderstanding? And what’s the fix?

Date Night Discussion

When it’s easy you’ll create a habit. And habits that connect you will foster your happily ever after. So don’t wait to talk to your spouse.

  • When do you and your spouse connect best as lovers?
  • What makes you WANT your lover?
  • When do you feel desirable?

Hint: think about when you laugh most easily. Or when you are a little bit scared as you both step out of your comfort zones together. A tiny bit of fear—once conquered together—tends to be very bonding for lovers.





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