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Ep 34: 3 Ways Niching Down will Grow Your Business- How to Get Clear on What You Do, Who You Serve & What You Sell
Episode 3419th May 2022 • Building a Life You Love • Kristin Fitch - Online Business Strategist & Coach, Christian Life Coach, Joy Coach
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On today's episode Kristin talks about why so many coaches, or subject matter experts are stuck and feel like they are all over the place and aren't clear on the one thing they want to be known for and how they help people. She shares 3 things you have to do to get clear so you can communicate what you do, who you help and speak directly to what they want in your messaging and offer.

She also explains that staying stuck in the cycle of trying and testing new things all the time is keeping you from truly getting the success and consistent results you know are possible. Kristin also shares her journey through being unclear and not niching down and how that slowed her business growth until she was ready to commitment to how she truly helps people the most.

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