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How To BDM Like A Boss With Sarah Cincotta
Episode 7315th August 2023 • The Property Management Podcast with That Property Mum • Kylie Walker
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Would you like to learn and incorporate practical tools to help you to BDM like a boss in your industry?

In this episode of The Property Management Podcast, Sarah Cincotta joins us to discuss how she embraced becoming a Business Development Manager and how she discovered her leverage in the market.

Sarah is a leading Business Development Manager in the Real Estate Industry, and realised there was a flaw with the stereotype. Business Development Managers are not sales agents, they specialise in building long term relationships with many different people. Her success within the industry came from being “in the trenches”. Sarah came to learn the standard of being a BDM in the industry was outdated and with poor practises. RISE was born to directly impact the lives of other BDM’s and the outdated stigma of what the industry thinks a BDM is, and set a new era for these Relationship Managers.

We explore:

  • How Sarah started as a Property Manager and then came to be a BDM
  • How to get  consistent lead generation happening
  • How to meet your goals, KPI’s and targets
  • How to embody mindset shifts and overcome challenges in the market
  • How to become resilient and consistent as a BDM
  • Sarah’s best tips for anyone that's maybe struggling in growing their profile or getting management
  • An overview of Sarah’s program RISE and it’s key foundations


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