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E264: Dominating Google And Bing Search With Jason McDonald
29th October 2018 • Breakthrough Success • Marc Guberti
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Jason McDonald is a professional San Francisco based SEO consultant who helps companies dominate Google and Bing through SEO consulting services. He also works with companies as a social media consultant and an AdWords expert. He conducts corporate SEO workshops and trainings across the San Francisco Bay Area in cities as diverse as Oakland and San Jose, and he provides SEO training in San Francisco including Bay Area SEO classes and courses. As an Internet marketing expert, he has also worked as an SEO expert witness, an AdWords expert witness and social media expert witness.

Quotes To Remember:

“The biggest division is between local businesses and non-local businesses.”

“Having a healthy blog, having fresh new content is a very high return on investment endeavor.”

“Reviews on Google have an enormous impact for local rank.”

“Amazon is an incredibly important search engine.”

“Most of your competitors are doing nothing. If you just do a little, you’ll succeed.”

“You don’t have to run faster than the bear. You just have to run faster than your buddy. You just have to get a few more links than they do.”

“A little directory building is often enough to push you over the finish line.”


What You’ll Learn:

  • On Creating Content: How to Plan It, Write It, and Get It To Rank #1
  • Google SEO vs. Bing SEO
  • Other Search Engines That You Can Optimize For
  • A Guide to Link Building Throughout Your Content


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