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11 - The Future of Consumer Feedback is Fun and Fiercely First-Party
Episode 1130th April 2022 • GreenBook Podcast • GreenBook
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In this week's episode: Lenny Murphy, is joined by Nadia Masri, Founder of Perksy, to discuss why allowing for a fun respondent experience yields stronger survey results. Take this deep dive into Nadia's entrepreneurial journey, the theory of gamification in MRX, and the fundamentals of approaching research with a more human-centered lens to create a FUN consumer feedback experience.

In this episode we'll explore:

  • How to change the nature of the survey experience through gamification
  • The role of both skill and luck in the adoption of new product models
  • The emotional investment (and pay off) of the founder's journey
  • How to influence respondents to actually 'show up' to participate in surveys
  • How to improve the quality of survey responses 


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Thank you to our producer, Emily Fullmer, our editor, James Carlisle, and this episode's sponsor, Perksy.