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Saving Your Asks with Chris Tuff
Episode 76th March 2023 • The Leadership Tales Podcast with Colin Hunter • Colin Hunter
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Imagine you’re on stage giving a talk, and right in the front row you see one person scowling at you the entire way through. What do you do? 

With a sense of humor and curiosity, Chris Tuff approached the enemy in the front row after the event—and the two are now best friends. Connecting with even the most unlikely of folks is a skill of Chris’s. 

Through his energy, humor, and captivating storytelling abilities, speaker Chris Tuff empowers audience members to tap into their full potential—professionally and personally. His engaging style and practical lessons on authenticity can be implemented immediately and have a lasting impact long after attendees leave the room.

In this episode, we discuss networking and connection, paying it forward to others, and what it means to “save your asks.”

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