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S1 E20: Rishi Khanna, CEO of Stocktwits | Fintech | Trading
Episode 2027th April 2022 • Humans of Fintech • Nicole Casperson, a Workweek friend
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Twitter for investors? Stocktwits is what happens when content meets fintech, helping investors navigate the constant stream of information with its incredible community platform. 

Back in 2021 more than 10 million retail investors took to the stock market on the back of the Gamestop stock frenzy. But not all of them had the experience and confidence to cut through all the noise and make great choices.

And that’s when Stocktwits comes in. Built like a social media platform, it allows investors to interact with financial media, investment/trading services, and the kinds of tools that genuinely add value.

Nicole talks to Rishi about building a 5-million strong community and the truth about entrepreneurship in the fintech space.

You’ll also hear how, in the ever evolving fintech landscape, creating content is a huge responsibility, and which Tupac song can help users on their investing journey.

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