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S4 EP113: Elle Harrison: IVF/Male Facto/Sperm Donor/Endo/Incompetent Cervix/VCI/Two Hospital Births
Episode 1135th May 2023 • Positive Birth Australia • Skye Waters
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Today we are taken through the highs and lows of Elle’s fertility journey. 

After years of unsuccessful conception, Elle began heading down the fertility route to find some answers.

As she was about to enter another round of testing, her fertility doctor suggested she her husband have  testing done first. When his results came back they would discover the heartbreaking news. The time that followed would be a test of resilience and strength as they endured the often lows that come with infertility.

A time away to reset their hearts gave them the space and clarity they needed to decide on using a sperm donor. Being adopted, Elle’s husband knew that love for your child is not based on how they come into your life. When finally experiencing their first successful embryo transfer, Elle takes us through the anxieties and challenges faced during her pregnancy and birth.

During her next pregnancy, her 20 week scan picked up velamentous cord insertion. Advocating for herself, she requested another scan sooner than the recommended time frame, resulting in the discovery that her cervix was shortening at a concerning rate. Taking the precautions needed to keep her from going into preterm labour, Elle takes us through the healing birth that followed. 

Today Elle shares how being a part of the Infertility community gave her deeper insight when it mattered most, and why feeling respected and held in the birth space is just as important as your birth outcome.

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Instagram: @after_in.fertility_elle

Fertility Specialist: Dr Kee Ong

Hypnobirthing: @belly2birth

Books: How to Heal a Bad Birth

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