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“Hot, sexy, cool” NaturAde lands in Costco
27th January 2021 • Healthy INSIDER Podcast • Natural Products INSIDER
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BIPOC brand targets diabesity with plant-based powders. The company had been laser-focused on the Black population. With high-quality ingredients and GMP-certified production, this on-point brand was able to get a shot at the best big box retailer in the country. Watch CEO Claude Tellis and CMO Kareem Cook sit down with senior editor Todd Runestad as they discuss the challenges and sweet smell of success:

  • The challenges and indignities of being a Black-owned company, which makes this deal all the sweeter.
  • What success looks like now—sales figures, time horizons, new demographic markets opened, and flying over the hurdle of Costco’s No. 1 concern.
  • How hoops legends Magic Johnson and Grant Hill—along with strong assists from a pair of women on the back end—have helped this company earn the spotlight.