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Ep. 4 - The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)
Episode 429th April 2022 • The Reel Round Table • Sanctuary Podcast Network
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The Librarian joins us on this episode as we introduce a newer movie that did not get much attention, but just like the girl next door in an 80's movie, this film is worth a look.

(Transparency alert) Ash chose this film because he thought it would be a good date night movie for Chris and Brodie to watch with their wives.

Map of Tiny Perfect Things at IMDB.


Ash - 8/9

Brodie - 2/9

Chris - 6/9

Librarian - 7/9

Ash and Chris both feel that this is worth watching. Brodie does not. As you listen you will clearly hear this from him. Who do you agree with?