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Outspoken | Guest: Christel Reyna | Topic: Women’s Wave 2022 – Our Feminist Future
11th October 2022 • Outspoken • Radio111
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Christel Reyna is the founder of Dare 2 Empower, an organization that empowers teens, young adults and women to identify their strengths, use their voice and take action to bring change to issues that affect the world around them. As the mother of a gay son who was himself a target of bullies in school, Christel shares the story this week of the powerfully successful anti-bullying actions they took together and continue to take for thousands of students. On this episode of Outspoken with Joy Silver, Christel talks about what motivates her advocacy and activism, how bullying has affected our society and culture, the critical issues in the midterm elections, and how she sees women affecting change.

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