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How an egg farmer created a sustainable ingredient company – Podcast
5th November 2020 • SupplySide Stories • SupplySide Stories
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In a mid-west small town about 40 years ago, a man selling eggs out of the back of a family station wagon purchased after his tour in the Korean war began creating the business that is now Stratum Nutrition. Today Stratum has evolved into a company that prides itself on understanding that growth relies on being proactive and nurturing relationships, and that sustainability and rigorous science are essential factors for long term human and planetary health.

Listen in today and learn about:

· What it means to to be a "proactive" ingredient partner

· How sustainability from the ground up at ingredient company's plays out with the end consumer.

· Why deepening supply chain relationships and commitments creates competitive advantages for brands.

· The value of authentic sustainable agricultural practices in the development of unique ingredients.

Pull quote

"Of course our customers come to us for ingredients, but what really separates Stratum from the rest has more to do with the relationships that we build and what we provide to our brand partners – we don't just stop at selling the ingredients." 

– Andrew Rice, Stratum Nutrition





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