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Episode 51: Markers of cell injury and death in triathlon/Bryan Dunn on Arizona 70.3 during a pandemic
Episode 5123rd October 2020 • The TriDoc Podcast, triathlon and health in one place • Dr. Jeff Sankoff
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Triathlons are great for the mind and on the whole for health and well being but long distance events can definitely take a toll on our bodies. Researchers have known for some time that markers of tissue injury and even death rise after races but what this means remains unclear. I review some of the recent data on this subject and give some insights on what it all might mean for the longterm health of the long distance triathlete. Also, Ironman racing has returned. Despite an increase in cases, Arizona gave the go ahead for the 70.3 event in Tempe. Bryan Dunn was one of the many competitors to participate and he gives his insights on how it went as well as some thoughts on what it might mean for racing in the near and mid-term.

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