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Ep. #51 | The End of The Age of Superheroes with Chris Knowles
Episode 5123rd October 2023 • The Marc Clair Show • Marc Clair
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In episode 51, Marc welcomes back Chris Knowles of the Secret Sun Blog to discuss his new book "The Spandex Files", which serves as a farewell to the "age of superheroes" as the genre dies a slow death both in print and on the screen. Along the way, Chris and Mark take a look at some of the more interesting comic creators of the past century and their connections to the occult, such as Jack Kirby, Alan Moore, Mike Mignola and Grant Morrison. Did Jack Kirby foresee the discovery of the "Face on Mars?" Did Alan Moore inadvertently create a real-life tulpa of John Constantine when he created the character? Get Chris' thoughts on these and other occult mysteries of the comic book world as we bid farewell to the age of superheroes...but what will replace it?

In the Smoke-Filled Room for Marc Clair Show Premium subscribers, Marc and Chris dive deeper into several topics, including tulpas, visions, and remote viewing, and Chris explains just what the heck is "synchromysticism?"

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