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Part 2: Role of U.S. Colonization and Militarization in the Sex Trade in the Philippines
Episode 823rd February 2021 • Kumusta, Kumare! • NAPIESV
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This episode is a continuation of our discussion on the sex trade in the Philippines.  Last episode, we provided an introduction about the role of U.S. occupation/militarization on the sex trade in the Philippines.  Our in-house herstorian, Emma, provided a connection between the U.S. occupation/militarization and the sex trade.  For this episode, we will discuss sexual objectification and hypersexuality of Asian women, its connection to U.S. occupation and the sex trade, and to the work of Monsoon Asians & Pacific Islanders in Solidarity.  For this episode, Lata D’Mello, Monsoon’s Director of Programs and Outreach who is based in Iowa City will join our conversation.

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