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Local First Podcast - Rob Kochanski EPISODE 60, 7th November 2019
Hear How Leticia @ 29 Runs 2 Successful Local Restaurants

Hear How Leticia @ 29 Runs 2 Successful Local Restaurants


Leticia Munoz first started working in restaurants at the age of 15. One of the jobs she had was at Michael’s Family Restaurant, which opened in 1985. And when there came a time for Michael’s to close for good, she decided to buy the restaurant. She now owns Michael’s and the recently opened Orenda Cafe. Letica shares the path she took to restaurant ownership, what it’s like to own two restaurants, and answers my rapid-fire questions.

Hot Topics in this episode:

  • What inspired her to own a restaurant.
  • Why she opened Orenda Cafe
  • How she’s been able to keep a long-running staff
  •  Steps she takes to be successful
  • How she balances having 2 restaurants and a family
  • Developing the menu at Orenda
  •  Leticia asks: What is the craziest thing you have done in your life?

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