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Start The World - Jack Donovan EPISODE 27, 23rd June 2020
Richard Grannon on The Single Life (and Conspiracies)
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Richard Grannon on The Single Life (and Conspiracies)

Richard Grannon has been on the show before, but I invited him back to talk about growing older without a wife or children as a single man. Some men are on a family track, and that’s great, but there is inevitably going to be an increasingly large percentage of men who — for whatever reason, aren’t going to end up getting married or having children. Having kids creates some structure and responsibility in youth and (theoretically) a sense of meaning and a support system as a man ages. Without that piece of the puzzle, what does finding meaning and fulfillment in life look like as we get older. How do we avoid the common pitfalls that lead to self-destruction?

We talked about it a bit, but soon veered off into discussing current events and various conspiracy theories.

Richard Grannon is a Master NLP Practitioner and life coach. You can find out more about his work on YouTube  @RICHARD GRANNON  and at https://spartanlifecoach.com.