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Let’s Talk About It: Impactful Leadership in Times of Change
Episode 47th September 2021 • Survive & Thrive • Jennifer Ayres
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On this special episode of Survive & Thrive, Jennifer Ayers discusses the recurring topics that come up with individuals from the podcasts or organizations she has worked with. In times of change, there is an abundance of opportunities for leaders to impact their organizations and employees.


Re-evaluating time (1:02)

With much change in the past 18 months, including the growing presence of work from home technology, Jennifer discusses the blurry lines between work and personal life. 

The Purpose of Work (1:34)

As Jennifer notes, many people are questioning the purpose of work and making work shifts to feel more fulfilled. 

The Great Resignation (2:19)

Jennifer delves into the reports and statistics on the millions of people leaving their corporate jobs. 


The role of leaders (2:39)

Leaders have a huge opportunity for influence in these times. Jennifer discusses the ways leaders can make an impact during these times. 

Help define goals (3:05)

One way leader’s can make a difference is to help employees define goals. Goal setting with your team helps open communication and learn about each other's values. 

Ask your team for advice (4:04)

Asking for advice can help build community and connections within your team

Gratitude (5:30)

At least once a week, gather your team and ask them 3 things they are grateful for. From small to large instances of gratitude, this can accomplish mood boosting, team bonding, and provide time to celebrate progress. 


More heart in Business (7:15)

Jennifer provides some book recommendations that can help you to work on bringing more heart into the business space. 

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