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332: How To Tell Better Stories In Your Marketing with Brent Stutzman
20th April 2023 • Selling the Couch • Melvin Varghese, PhD
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Everyone loves a good story! Just think how your marketing could be transformed by using the same captivating pull of a good story! This concept takes the intimidating world of marketing and makes it fun, exciting, and accessible to every entrepreneur. Want to know more? Join us in today’s session!

Our Featured Guest

Brent Stutzman

Brent is a former church pastor turned brand marketing expert, and he is StoryBrand Certified through Donald Miller’s StoryBrand Framework. As the only non-therapist in the STC Online Course Mastermind, he genuinely desires to use his knowledge and expertise to help the group members. He approaches brand marketing from the perspective of story, which resonates with many people. Brent will share how we can use the technique of story in ethical ways and integrate this approach into the marketing process. He gives simple steps that you can take today to transform your marketing!


You’ll Learn: 

  • The connection between story and business growth
  • Why confusion is the #1 villain in the marketing process 
  • How to analyze what your website is saying to people (Are you helping them survive and thrive?)
  • Why simplicity works to capture attention to your website in the first three seconds
  • How to “Play the Guide, not the Hero” with empathy and authority
  • How a problem opens a curiosity gap (story loop) that will engage the brain until the problem is solved
  • Brent’s personal example of identifying a problem and opening a story loop that needs to be solved
  • How to open story loops and solve problems on your website, speeches, etc. 
  • Why you need a clear and easily accessible call-to-action
  • How the StoryBrand Framework works: character, problem, guide, plan, call to action, success, and failure

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