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Episode 89 - WTF! What The Frustration 2nd Edition
22nd June 2020 • Man vs Marriage • Quincy Moran
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Frustration is a dirty drip and if left unattended can contaminate your gas tank. 

In this solocast episode I talk about frustration and what I have been working through. It became obvious to me that I have allowed frustrations to build over the past month or two, truly I have allowed these to go unchecked and that is not me. Life is what you make of it, one of my core philosophies is not allowing the circumstances of life to dictate my attitude. I live it and I believe it. While I work diligently at living this as a lifestyle sometimes the perfect storm comes and I take my eye off the ball. 

But I am back! I have made the mission clear to re-calibrate and deal with these frustrations more effectively than ever. One thing I point to in this episode is mindset. This video from Jocko spells it out in such an awesome way it mirrors how I live my life and have for more than half a decade. Get some!

This Is Good by Jocko.

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