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Why Gratitude is Important for Your Life.
Episode 523rd September 2020 • Visualise You • Beth Hewitt
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In Episode #5 of Visualise You, we talk about the Importance of Gratitude in Your Life and why it’s so much more than just saying thank you.


I discuss the real lesson people need to hear; which is that the use of gratitude, appreciation, and positivity is most needed when things are at its most challenging. Such as when we’re going through a pandemic when we’ve lost a loved one when our child has just been in an accident when we’re going through a divorce; those are the times when we really need to be able to practice gratitude.


That whatever you are going through today, however, big, or small - really try to find those small positives. Seek them out if they are not apparent because when we do this, we attract even more things to be grateful for.


I cover, why if this isn’t immediately obvious, you might need to master the art of resilience and the art of visualisation a different reality right there and in that instant when you truly need gratitude the most.  


Join me as I talk about my plans for my gratitude journey challenge and how you can get involved.  


Enjoy the show.

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