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Tag1 Team Talks | The Tag1 Consulting Podcast - Tag1 Consulting, Inc. EPISODE 23, 8th September 2020
Agile at human scale: Managing diverse remote teams - Part 1 - Tag1 TeamTalk #023
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Agile at human scale: Managing diverse remote teams - Part 1 - Tag1 TeamTalk #023


Among other things, the ongoing pandemic has ripped open the former fabric of our work lives, decentralizing and distributing our collaboration in newfound ways. Project management for agile software development teams is a mission that serves the dual purpose of efficiently producing good software and empowering the humans behind any product. As Project Manager and Scrum Master at Tag1 Consulting, and with over a decade of software development and program and project management experience, Janie Ledet lent the Tag1 Team Talks show her subject matter expertise to share some of the human elements of great, successful projects.

In a special miniseries in four parts, Michael Meyers (Managing Director, Tag1 Consulting) and your host Preston So (Editor in Chief, Tag1 Consulting) had an opportunity to join Janie for an exciting four episodes about the human side of managing projects in agile software. We'll dive into the most important considerations when resourcing and conducting discovery for a new build, Janie's CARE philosophy for high-functioning remote teams, and best practices, convenient tools, and lessons learned over many years when it comes to elite software projects.